Frequently Asked Questions

Is your shelter a “no kill” shelter?

The Union County Humane Society is an “open admission” shelter. There is no charge to surrender an animal, although we do accept donations. We take in ALL animals regardless of factors affecting adoptability including age, health and temperament. We do our very best to find suitable homes for adoptable animals – locally as well as transport to high adoption areas, such as upper Midwest and the Northeast. Animals who are severely injured or have a serious disease from which they cannot recover may be euthanized if it is the most humane option to end their suffering. Animals who are aggressive to the point of posing a serious threat to humans may also be euthanized. The necessity for humane euthanasia is always heartbreaking and these decisions are never made lightly.

Since you are called the Union County Humane Society, are you owned by Union County or do you receive funding from the county?

We do receive annual support from local and county government; however, we are not owned nor operated by either local or county government. During the County’s annual budgeting process for non-profits, we request budgetary support which has historically been less than 10% of our operating budget. We are a private, non-profit organization primarily funded by donations, fundraising events, clinical services and adoptions, and requested grants.

How do I begin the adoption process?

Visit the “Adopt” section of our website to see our available pets and fill out an application. The adoption process takes about 24-72 hours if information on the application is complete.

Are all of your pets spayed and neutered before adoption?


Do you adopt to people out state?

We welcome out-of-state adoptions if you are able to visit our facility for the meet & greet and pick up your new fur baby.  Unfortunately we do not have a reliable, licensed transport service that we can recommend.

Can I bring my pet (which I did not get from the Union County Humane Society) to the shelter to be spayed or neutered?

Yes, we spay/neuter cats and dogs every Wednesday. Please call 865.992.7969 for an appointment. Dogs are spayed/neutered for $70, and cats are $45.

Do you provide rabies and annual vaccinations if I did not get my cat or dog from the Union County Humane Society?

Yes, every Wednesday we provide vaccination services. Your pet must be spayed or neutered to receive these services. Vaccines are $10 each.

Do you have a no cost or low cost spay/neuter program?

Yes, we offer reduced price cat spay/neuter in the Spring and Fall. In addition, we have grants available for qualifying low-income or seniors.

Do you need volunteers?

Yes! The shelter has many opportunities to volunteer both in the shelter and at outside events. Please visit the “Volunteer” section on this website for more information.

Do you accept non-monetary donations?

Yes, please visit our “Everyday Needs” page. You can also support us indirectly by linking your Kroger card and/or your Amazon Smile account to the Union County Humane Society – more information may be found under our “Support Us” page.